Facebook And Other Social Media

In reply to numerous enquiries, I do not now have nor do I want a page/account either on 'Facebook' or on any other interactive internet – 'social media' – platform (such as 'Twitter'). Neither do I post – nor have I, with two exceptions [1], posted – comments on such, or any other, interactive internet platforms, be they 'blogs' or forums or whatever.

My 'internet presence' is limited to my (non-interactive, seldom updated) wordpress weblog (davidmyatt.wordpress.com and its linked companion, perceiverations.wordpress.com) and my personal (seldom updated) website (www.davidmyatt.info).

Since at least 1997 I have no doubt been under regular covert surveillance by Special Branch and MI5 – and especially so since 9/11 given some statements I made while a Muslim – with all my communications (internet, telephonic) monitored via GCHQ and by various security agencies overseas. Indeed, following my conversion to Islam and during the time I seemed to be, for the security services and the Police, 'a significant person of interest', I recall many meetings and friendly conversations with one of the Special Branch officers on attachment to the city near where I was then living.

Post-1997 I have worked on the assumption that all my communications are so monitored and therefore, as I mentioned in my article Polemos Our Genesis,

"I have restricted my internet and telephonic communications to friends, family, and to people I personally know or who are personally known to someone I trust. This means two things. That all I communicate is personal, open, transparent, and honest; and that if someone not belonging to this small circle of contacts claims to have had some communication from me – either sent with my name or sent using some pseudonym – then it is bogus."

It is for this reason that, in respect of my replies to the few polite enquiring e-mails received in the past two years from individuals I do not personally know, I have invariably published (often on my weblog) extracts from such replies. Such polite enquiries have concerned my 'numinous way', or my extremist past, or my views concerning such matters as politics, Islam, and/or religion and extremism in general.

It is for these reasons - of all my communications being monitored by various security agencies and of me personally having no desire to make such posts/comments, and having no opinions about matters political or otherwise [2] - that if anyone posts anything or makes any comment, on any internet forum or on any social media site, using my name then such posts or comments are bogus.


"Having written so much – far too much – for so many decades and having made so many suffering-causing mistakes, I also have no desire now [2012] to write anymore about anything, except perchance for some translations and a few missives [e-mail replies] such as this, as part perhaps of my needed expiation, and in explanatory reply when asked of certain things. Such as in exposition of my mistakes, my remorse, and particularly in explanation of the personal love, the gentleness, the compassion, the humility, the peace, that I feel – feel, not know – might possibly enable us to find, to feel, our paradise on Earth, and so not cause suffering, not add to the suffering that so blights this world and has so blighted it for so long, mostly because of people such as me. The ideologues, the extremists, the fanatics, the terrorists, the bigots, the egoists. The unhumble ones unappreciative of the numinous: those whose certainty of knowing – and those whose sense of a personal 'destiny' – makes them uncompassionate, unempathic, hateful, prejudiced, intolerant, and devoted to either 'their cause' or to themselves. Those whose happiness comes with – and is – the pursuit, and/or the gratification of their so selfish desires." Just My Fallible Views, Again

David Myatt

[1] The two exceptions being (a) some hubriatic posts I made, years ago, on the Islamic Awakening forum using the username ibnmyatt, and (b) some hubriatic posts I made, prior to that, on the moderated soc.religion.islam Usenet group using the username Abdul Aziz.

[2] Qv. The Dignity of Silence